2022 Regatta Entries

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Entries open : Wednesday 20th April         Entries close : 22:00 on Tuesday 10th May
Draw published : 18:00 Saturday 21st May


Request for Entries - 2022 Updated: Mar 8


We have released our request for entries for the 2022 Regatta. These are in line with the changes we announced pre pandemic.


The driver for the change was both a need to address the regatta management due to the ever increasing entry numbers and a desire to reflect the needs of clubs and schools.


● Gender parity of events. The time has come to offer the same number of events for boys and girls. We also wanted to bring the rules for events to parity.

● Alignment between the number of sculling and rowing events offered. To reflect the distribution of our entries we have added sculling events.

● Increase racing opportunity. No doubling up.

● Balance the number of crews racing each day

● Continue to offer a world class racing experience - Reduce the hours of racing on

Saturday and Sunday to ensure event management remains first class.

● To simplify the rules and qualification for each event.

Find the information by clicking on this link

Entries open : Wednesday 20th April 2019

Entries close : 22:00 on Tuesday 10th May 2022

Draw published : 18:00 Saturday 21st May