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4th May 2021


Thank you all very much for putting the effort into entering the National Schools’ Regatta so early. It has been so very helpful. When you receive this email, entries will already be open again. You can update and complete your entries, and please pay the balance all by 18:00 on the 12th May.

After reviewing the provisional entries on the 1st of May we have had to make some decisions about the events we can run.

At the moment

  • Saturday has 182 entries (racing from 07:30 until 17:00)

  • Sunday has 273 entries (racing from 07:30 until 20:30)

Due to social distancing requirements when boating, the pace at which we can boat crews for Time Trials is limited. This has the effect of limiting the size of the regatta.

After a considerable discussion we have made the decision to balance the size of the regatta across both days. We are now moving Ch 1x (boys and girls) to Saturday. This moves 63 entries from Sunday to Saturday.

NOTE: We will still have to look at the final entry on 12th of May. Depending on how many more entries come in we may still need to make some alterations to events (this could at the extreme include removing events, but we will try to avoid that)


Covid Club Representative

We will also require you to fill a form with your Covid Club Representative, if we do not have a name for your school or club, your crews will not be able to race. This is the person we will be communicating to directly regarding all Covid restrictions, they will also need to be around and available for the duration of the regatta and should not be involved in coaching a crew. Complete by 12th May!!

Volunteers to help run Regatta

As one of the first large events running as we come out of lockdown, we are going to need some support from clubs and schools in order to keep everybody safe and the regatta running on time. We will be running a tight timetable in order to get as many boys and girls racing as possible. Please add the name of people from your club that you are prepared to put forward to help us run aspects of the regatta. We would like to make it clear that the people we use will be relied on fully to help us run the regatta, please do not put people on the list if they will not take this seriously and leave us stranded on the day. We will be in touch with the nominated people with more details closer to the time. Complete by 12th May!!

Again we would like to thank you for your support in getting this years regatta off the ground. We are so excited about putting racing on at the end of the month.

Adrian Cassidy

Entries Secretary

National Schools’ Regatta

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