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Maisie: A young coxswain's journey to the National Schools’ Regatta

Today, 14-year-old Maisie embarks on her fifth National Schools’ Championship in as many countries, a testament to her passion for rowing. Her journey is remarkable, not just for her age, but for the diverse environments she has navigated along the way.


Maisie’s story begins on the Zambian side of the Zambia-DRC border, where she grew up and first fell in love with rowing, in a region not typically associated with the sport. Her first National Schools Championship took place in Zambia, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey.


From Zambia, Maisie’s rowing journey took her to Zimbabwe, where she competed in the National Schools’ Championship.  Next, Maisie made her way to South Africa, competing in the National Schools’ Championship there. Each step of her journey added to her experience, showcasing her ability to adapt to new teams, environments, and levels of competition.


Last year, Maisie attended Guildford Grammar School in Australia. She joined their rowing programme and had the opportunity to cox at the Australian National Championships at Champion Lakes in Perth. This was a significant milestone in her career, broadening her international experience further.


Now, Maisie is currently coxing various boats at Pangbourne College and is excited to compete in her birth country for the first time. The upcoming National Schools’ Regatta at the famous Dorney Lake represents not only a homecoming but also a pinnacle of her young coxing career.


Maisie’s journey through five different national championships across five countries may be unique.  However, we would be delighted to hear from other junior rowers who may have experience coxing or rowing in multiple countries!

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mark kakoma
mark kakoma

Absolutely sensational! Pangbourne, you're extremely lucky to have Maisie! She is a star!

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