Spectator FAQ

As you prepare to join us for one, two or three days of racing you may have a number of questions. Please ask your respective child's rowing coaches as they will have in-depth knowledge about the National Schools Regatta. 

NSR takes place at Dorney Lake is a privately-owned site and access to members of the public.   

If you time enjoy a relaxing walk in the beautiful park and arboretum situated within the 400 acre site.   Walkers can read the story boards explaining all the flora and fauna and discover the sculptures dotted through the parkland.  The paths around the lake are also available for public use and we kindly request that everyone adheres to the basic guidelines of safety and consideration so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful regatta environment -


  • Dogs are allowed but must be under control.  Please pick up poop!

  • Bring chairs or a picnic blanket, food and drink. 

  • Please remove your waste and recycling after the regatta. 

  • Do not bring a bike to the course – you are not allowed to cycle along the course or around the park.


First, if you do not understand anything about the races please do come to one of the Regatta Officer stations and ask!  We want to ensure supporters understand all the jargon and how the regatta works!


To find results go to our website or Twitter or there is a big board near the Rafts Marshall Offices next to the Dorney Boathouse office. 

The Draw

This is the list of who is racing when and in what boat.  Have a look in your NSR Race Programme where all the races are listed or on the website

Event Names: 

Every event has a Name for example ‘The Hunter Cup’, and under this will be described what the race is for example J14G4X+1.  But what does all this mean!

J = Junior

14 = is the age group, 15, 16, Junior 18 

School = an event where if a student is in full time education up to the age of 19.

G - Girls, we do not list a B for boys.  So if no G then it is a Boys event!

1x - Single Scull

4x = Quad Scull

8x = Octuple Scull

4+ = Coxed Four

4- = Coxless Four

2+ = Double

2- = Pair

8+ = Eight


The first race of the day on Friday will be Race No 101 and then every race after this is numbered accordingly!  Saturday’s first race is numbered 201 and Sunday 301.

Time Trial - AKA Head Racing:

At NSR we start racing each day with Time Trial Races for each event.   A Time Trial (TT) will give a speed ranking. 


For each events we have a maximum number of crews who then progress to the Regatta or side by side racing.  The number of Qualifying crews is different for each event.

Soon after the Time Trial Races, we will release the list of those crews who have qualified and those who have not.  

Side by Side - AKA Regatta Racing: 

When we know who has qualifies the system will Draw the next side by side races, or regatta.

  • Chevron Formation.


Which lane will my crew be put into?  At NSR we use the FISA (International Rowing Federation) Rules where the fastest 2 crews are placed in the middle two lanes in random order, then the next 2 fastest crews in 2 lanes outside this and so on to fill all lanes.


  • Sometimes Lanes are changed why?  

If the wind picks up and it can, over 2km of open water!  Then the lanes are redrawn and crews put into different lanes.


This will be published on the website, Twitter and printed out and put on the Results Board.


Open fires are not allowed. You are however allowed to have gas barbecues. 

Please remove any rubbish from the regatta site.