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Club & School Marquee Pitch

The festival atmosphere at National Schools’ Regatta is created by the many colourful marquees situated along the lake side. We are grateful to the parents and supporter groups who put a huge amount of time, organisation and effort into their marquees.

Marquee Pitch Booking: 

The line of School and Club marquees bring a festival atmosphere to National Schools' Regatta.  These are the locations schools and clubs will utilise to provide shelter and hospitality for the crews (and their supporters).  We are delighted to take bookings for Clubs and Schools to reserve marquee spaces alongside the 2000m Dorney Lake rowing course.

Please note, NSR do not supply the tents, only the marked out space.  If you would like to share space with another club or school let us know and we can help you to find a marquee buddy!

Health & Safety:

It is the duty of each school or club bringing a marquee or gazebo to  act responsibly and comply with all relevant Health and Safety legislation.


Schools and clubs should also consider whether they have the necessary and appropriate insurance to cover all liabilities in case of injury to themselves or any third party.


The following are intended to keep everyone safe:

  • In case of high winds do take necessary precautions to ensure that your marquee is secure, such as adding weights, removing sides or lowering completely.

  • If you are using a barbeque ensure that it is set up a safe distance from the marquee.

  • If you are cooking on site ensure that you have hand washing facilities and other appropriate food hygiene arrangements in place.

  • Ensure that you are following current advice about allergens; it is probably safest to be a nut-free site for instance.

  • Do not sell any food to others.

  • If you are using an external caterer, please check they are registered with their local authority.

Marquee Pitch booking will open on the 1st of February  at 12:00 noon.

The payment upon booking via Eventrbite. 

To book: This link will be live on the 1st of February at 12:00. Make sure you refresh your page to get the link which will be posted below.  

This cost includes; 
  • Pitch Space for 3 days

  • Flag pole for the first 70 marquee spaces booked

  • Parking for 2 vehicles to be parked directly behind the marquee (weather permitting). NSR Organisers will issue separate parking passes for these vehicles closer to the event.


Please note - Clubs and Schools need to bring their own marquees.

Pitches will be allocated on a ‘first come & first pay’ basis.

For more information for booking, and payments, please see the link below. 

- NSR Marquee pitch information

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