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University Zone

Graduating Students
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University Zone

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At National Schools’ Regatta we believe that being part of a sports team alongside education has a hugely positive impact on the student experience, at school and university. As a regatta, we are committed to encouraging young people to enjoy sport and physical activity beyond school.  We believe the values of hard work, goal setting and teamwork translate into the academic environment giving student athletes great learning and life skills.

National Schools’ Regatta is the only regatta in the UK to host a ‘University Zone’, where students from UK Universities meet and engage with young people and showcase the pathway to higher education with prospective student athletes from all backgrounds. 

Campus Zone Space  - We will be grouping all university clubs in one area to ensure full access for our competitors and their parents.  This area will be located on the north side of the course.
All university clubs are required to bring their own tents or marquees, tables etc with frame style tents preferable. Please do not bring generators. We insist that you do not sell any items that will compete with the regatta’s own shop: In particular, anything with the NSR name or emblem on it. We also insist that you do not sell any food or drink. 

Further Details
•    Each university is allocated space to build a bespoke stand. 
•    Locations are adjacent to the course with clear signposting for our spectators and competitors.
•    Allocated Space -  4.5m by 4.5m
•    Cost for the space £335 (+ Eventbrite booking fee) includes entrance and parking on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please contact us if you would like further information regarding a space within the University Zone.

Additional Information required when booking; 
•    Contact Name & Email Address and telephone number
•    Your University Boat Club Name & Social Media handles
•    Your Website Address and Logo 
•    Promotional Video no longer than 1min 30sec

Bookings close at 7am on the 17th of May.

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