University Partners

We are committed to encouraging young people to enjoy sport and physical activity beyond school.  We believe the values of hard work, goal setting and teamwork translate into the academic environment giving student athletes great learning and life skills.  NSR is the only regatta in the UK to host a University Zone; where students from UK Universities meet and engage with young people and showcase the pathway to higher education with prospective student athletes from all backgrounds. 

As a University Partner you will be given space to meet and greet potential student athletes during the three days of the regatta. You will be located along the last 250m of the course, where you will be easily visible to our competitors. NSR recognises the incredible support our University Partners bring the regatta. Every institution will be listed in the NSR Regatta Programme, your presence promoted in advance and during the regatta via social media.  In addition, we offer university representatives the opportunity to present medals to the winning crews on one of the three afternoons of finals.

University Zone Logo.png

If you are interested in attending the Regatta as a university partner, please do get in touch with Siobhan Cassidy (