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National Schools' Regatta Values

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Purpose, Mission and Values

Our Purpose :


To provide a world class National Junior Regatta for British Rowing registered schools and clubs across the United Kingdom. To enable these schools and clubs who develop junior boys and girls to showcase their potential in a safe and fair environment while in full time education. To provide the final step a step towards club, student or international racing.

Purpose, Mission
Our Mission:

Is to enable junior boys and girls of British Rowing Schools or Clubs to have a venue where they can aspire to excellence in rowing. To make rowing a universally practiced and globally relevant sport in all its forms. To effectively and efficiently govern, develop, showcase and promote the sport of rowing and respect and protect the environment when practicing the sport

Our Values:


We believe that there are many benefits to having a multi-lane event that is the pinnacle of the school race season: Success can be measured in many ways: not everyone wins a medal but everyone can achieve in a number of ways:


  • Striving and developing towards the National Schools' Regatta: Developing one's physical and mental fitness alongside their academic aspirations.

  • Representing your School or Club.

  • Being a good athlete.

  • Measuring one's performance relative to others.

  • An opportunity to develop a young person's experience of success. The ability to accept and deal with both success and failure.

  • A sense of discipline and positive attitude which will carry over into all aspects of life.

  • An awareness of environmental issues through good practice at the regatta.

  • Social benefits meeting and racing people from different areas, backgrounds.

  • Awareness and good practice as outlined by WADA, UKAD, 100% ME and British Rowing.

  • Through the Regatta's charitable status, support developing clubs within the United Kingdom.

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