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Regatta Village

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Regatta Village
(NSR Shopping Area)

Regatta Village Logo (2) (1).png

At NSR we recognise the importance our spectators place on the of the whole NSR experience, which includes the very best shopping opportunity.  The Regatta Village is an area dedicated to showcasing high quality rowing related goods and experiences.  Our spectators know it is the place to locate a perfect gift for every rower!

The Regatta Village will be located along the north side of the lake bringing a select group of businesses together for our spectators and competitors to access easily.

National Schools Regatta is one of the highest attended regatta of the year with nearly 5000 junior rowers from over 100 schools and rowing clubs. With such a large number of parents, schools and clubs attending the regatta, we believe attending the regatta offers a great opportunity to meet the fabulous rowing community.

All retailers are required to bring their own tents or marquees, tables etc with frame style tents preferable. Please do not bring generators. We insist that you do not sell any items that will compete with the regatta’s own shop: In particular, anything with the NSR name or emblem on it. We also insist that you do not sell any food or drink.   

Further Details
•    Each trade is allocated space to build a bespoke stand. 
•    Locations are adjacent to the course with clear signposting for our spectators and competitors.
•    Allocated Space -  4.5m by 4.5m
•    Cost for the space £335 (+ Eventbrite booking fee) includes entrance and parking on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Additional Information required when booking; 
•    Contact Name & Email Address and telephone number
•    Company Name & Social Media handles
•    Company Website Address and Logo 

Bookings close at 7am on the 17th of May.

Book using the Eventbrite link below. 

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