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Calling all Junior coxes

An opportunity to learn from the UK’s best coxes

National Schools’ Regatta is delighted to collaborate with ‘The Winning Cox’ to promote cox education to junior coxswains and their coaches.  This FREE Webinar will be held on Sunday 12th May at 19:00 hrs


Whether this is your first year in the coxing seat or if you have a few years under your life jacket, this webinar is not to be missed. Join six World Class coxswains to learn the essential National Schools’ Regatta technical cox skills and so much more!


The webinar will cover:

●       Attaching to the Stake Boat - in still and cross wind conditions

●       Race Warm-ups – get your crew ready to race over 1000m and 2000m

●       Multi Lane steering – key technical tips

●       Safety Tips – how to be alert

●       Getting the most out of your crew in multi-lane races


Not a cox, not a problem, join or share this link with the coxes in your life.  Please share the link and ensure no-one misses the opportunity to learn from the best coxing team in the UK. 

The Winning Coxes Educators are:

Sasha Adwani - U23 medallist, LEH coach, physiotherapist.

Morgan Bayhnam-Williams - World Champion, U23 medallist, Boat Race winner, former firefighter, and Coach at University of Virginia.

Zoe De Toledo - Olympic medallist, European and U23 World Champion. Doctor.

Matilda Horn - Olympian, European medallist, former rower, and Coach at CUBC

Erin Kennedy - Paralympic, World, and European Champion. Boat Race winner.

Autumn Mantell - U23 medallist, former Coach at CUBC, Graphics Designer extraordinaire


More About ‘The Winning Cox’ Team.

The Winning Cox team is a strong group of leaders with the desire to share their Coxing knowledge to enhance the experience of the next generation. Their aim is to create a community which facilitates Coxes to find their authentic voice, develop technical and crew leadership skills and build confidence. The team also offer sessions for Club and School Coaches to pick up top tips on how to develop their Coxswains, whether at junior or senior level.

Join Sasha, Morgan, Zoe, Matilda, Erin and Autumn from ‘The Winning Cox’ as they redefine success and the role of the Coxswain!


The team wishes to offer free services such as interviews, discussions, and webinars to Coxes and their Coaches. The team is working to develop the Coxing support network across the UK to Clubs, Schools and University Boat Clubs.


The services offered are bespoke for every individual Cox, Club, School or University as it is crucial to the team that these sessions are accessible for everyone.   So if you are looking to develop the skills and confidence of Coxes at your club, get in touch with ‘The Winning Cox’ to find out more.

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