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Celebrating the Success of National Schools' Regatta: Thriving Junior Rowing in the UK and Ireland.

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The National Schools' Regatta 2023 proved to be an outstanding display of junior rowing talent and passion.

Over the course of three exhilarating days, nearly 5000 junior rowers, ranging from Junior Under 14 to Junior Under 19, competed in 47 different events. This regatta not only highlighted the thriving nature of junior rowing in the UK and Ireland but also showcased the remarkable achievements of these young rowers.

The regatta, required coaches to select only one event per competitor with 'No Doubling Up', despite this the entry was packed! The regatta delivered a total of 244 races over the three days. Racing was fast and exciting, with crews giving everything to achieve top rankings. In total, 58 different clubs and schools were placed in the top three positions across all events.

Despite facing challenging weather conditions, including hot temperatures and wind, these determined juniors showcased their skills and resilience. While the conditions made it difficult for the rowers, it provided a thrilling experience for the spectators.

The National Schools' Regatta 2023 was not just about winning medals; it was a platform for personal growth and achievement. While the competition was intense, many competitors managed to set personal bests and achieve their best finishing positions. This demonstrated their commitment to the sport and their continuous improvement as athletes.

The number of spectators lining the banks and following the regatta online emphasised the global appeal of rowing. It was evident that rowing fans from all around the world, beyond just family and friends, showed immense interest in the regatta. This widespread support further highlighted the significance of nurturing the next generation of rowers. Thank you to the team from Giggabox for delivering a superb Live Stream Coverage and to Time Team for prompt and integrated race results.

The success of the National Schools' Regatta 2023 would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of numerous volunteers. The umpires, launch drivers, timekeepers, stake-boat team, catering staff, and countless others played an invaluable role in ensuring the smooth operation of the event. Additionally, the regatta was grateful for the support received from companies and university clubs, who continue to prioritise and invest in junior rowing.


Special mention to Henry Cobbe and Elston Consulting, our Principal Partner. The Live Stream would not have been possible without their support. We and junior rowing appreciate your investment in our thriving sport. Thank You!

Everyone involved in the regatta is delighted to feel that the three day event was a resounding success. Junior rowers showcasing their talent and determination amidst challenging conditions. This event served as a testament to the thriving nature of junior rowing in the UK and Ireland, attracting a global audience and leaving a lasting impact on both participants and spectators. With the continued support of volunteers, companies, and university clubs, the next generation of rowers will undoubtedly flourish and achieve and continue to enjoy our sport and all the benefits it brings.

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