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Enniskillen Royal – Northern Ireland #NSRMemories

Enniskillen Royal – Northern Ireland

· 136 rowers – 55% girls.

· Aged 13-18

· Formed in 2016 following the amalgamation of girls and boys schools

· Cross community program

· NSR = major event build up to and good focus for the year

· Highlights = wins in Cham Boys J16 4- and Girls 4+, 2-

· Number of other gold, silver and bronze medals

With the focus on Northern Ireland, today’s #NotNSR features Enniskillen Royal in County Fermanagh. Although associated with the Enniskillen Royal Grammar School, the rowing club is open to juniors across the community and boasts an established program for girls and boys aged 13-18 from beginner to elite level. Each year Enniskillen set their sights on the National Schools Regatta and train hard for success come May.

“As the NSR is probably one, if not the biggest Junior regatta's in the world currently , we simple attend as it is superbly well organised, friendly and gives us a great opportunity to test our squads against all the bigger schools and clubs across the water.”

- Derek Holland, Head of Rowing

The success of the club is evident in the past results at NSR. Highlights for Enniskillen include winning the Championship J16 4- and Girls J16 4+ and 2- amongst many other medals through the history of the regatta.

Success is not everything though travelling to NSR is an exciting experience for the juniors and the live stream means that they can share their experience with their friends and family back home. To compete in such a large and prestigious event gives the students great focus throughout the year and drives their training on.

While devastated not to attend NSR this year, the 136 rowers at Enniskillen Royal are hungrier to raise their game and come back stronger for NSR 2021!

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