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Welcoming Spectators since 1947

Four weeks today National Schools’ Regatta (NSR) will back with a full 3 day regatta! And we are excited to open the gates to spectators, we hope family and friends of junior rowers will join us to celebrate the return of our favourite regatta!

NSR is the UK's largest event for junior rowers from the ages of 14 to 18. Coaches have been working with juniors to prepare crews to deliver their best performances at Dorney Lake. The racing is fast, furious and above all FUN!

Since 1947 when the NSR was founded, rowers have been followed by supporters and spectators. The regatta encourages as many people as possible to join the festival atmosphere, where everyone cheers on junior rowers.

There are many ways for spectators to get involved in the 3 days of racing and we are always delighted to support members of clubs and schools to get involved. Whether it is your first-time, or you are a seasoned veteran, NSR offers spectators a variety of activities. Bring seats and a picnic and sit on the banks of Dorney Lake and enjoy a full day of racing. Visit the Regatta Village to purchase essential items for the rowers in your life. Or join other club and school fans and build a community around your Club Marquee space.

This year, following the success of the ‘Competitor Only’ area in 2021, and with advice from local Safety Advisory Group, NSR will continue to separate competitors and spectators along the course.

Spectators will have full access to the lake side facilities all the way up to the Regatta Village and University Zone but will not be permitted beyond that point. Spectators will not be able to access the Eton Dorney Boathouse. Any spectators who try to circumvent these rules, could result in their club or school being disqualified.

Last year’s regatta was organised very much with junior rowers in their last year of school in mind, as NSR wanted to ensure they had the opportunity to race after disruption to school and sport due to Covid. The NSR Committee is grateful to all our stakeholders, volunteers, and donors who made the regatta possible. However, NSR2021 operated with a substantial financial loss, one which cannot be repeated as it would endanger the future of the regatta.

NSR's purpose is to provide a world-class National Junior Regatta to enable schools and clubs who develop junior boys and girls to showcase their potential in a safe and fair environment while in full time education. We see NSR as the final step towards club, student or international racing.

Everyone by now will be aware of rising prices, and the cost of organising our event has increased to over £150,000 and schools, clubs, coaches, parents, and supporters will notice a difference in some prices at the regatta.

NSR 2022 will continue to offer a first-class racing and spectator experience, but the regatta will need to be a little different in places. As a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers, we seek to assure financial stability of the event and not ‘make a profit’ from the 3-day regatta.

What do Spectators get when they pay a car parking fee?

Parking Space & Management -

Spectators do need to pay to enter the site with the charge being for the vehicle only. So please consider carpooling and reduce the cost per head.

£25 per day if booked in advance on Eventbrite, or £30 on the day, also via Eventbrite – we do not take cash or card payments for parking

Facilities and Water

We provide toilets and water for spectators to use.

Please bring re-usable bottles to refill on site. If you are cooking at a club or school marquee, please DO NOT use onsite drinking water for this purpose.

Whilst we do provide some waste management, please take home your rubbish, in particular items that can be recycled - that helps us keep costs down.


Snack and Food Huts

these will be placed along the course for spectators to top up their own supplies. Everyone loves a special cup of coffee as they watch early morning racing. (please note that NSR does not take and income from these vendors)

Club and School Marquee Spaces

we offer everyone the opportunity to buy space to set up your own club or school marquee to gather friends and family to support your team. These are essential places to meet, watch racing and support crews. When Clubs and Schools book marquee space, they are directly helping to support the regatta financially too.

Race Commentary

Spectators and junior rowing fans do not need to be onsite to enjoy all the racing. This year NSR will be providing Live Radio Commentary, this facility is delivered by a volunteer team who are first-class and will be able to provide an informed and entertaining coverage of racing. The team are dedicated, spending hours to prepare ahead of the regatta weekend. Many of the team commentate at international regattas so you will recognise the voices if you follow international rowing.

Thank you all for your continued support, we look forward to seeing you in May,

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