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Waste and Recycling

At NSR, we pledge to make the 2024 Regatta the most sustainable weekend yet!

To do this,  we need every competitor and supporter to help us.  Once again, we are calling on everyone; Coaches, competitors, parents, and NSR volunteers to help us reduce waste as together we are #PushingforaCleanSweep at this year's National Schools' Regatta.

​Support the NSR Waste Reduction and Recycling initiative #PushingforaCleanSweep

Please Do:

  • Bring reusable water bottles filled with water. There will be static tanks to top up your drinking water but do bring some water with you.

  • Bring big filled water containers for cooking.

  • Embrace Tupperware!  Only bring what you intend to eat and take the rest home!  Everyday we throw away mountains of uneaten sandwiches and other pre-packaged food that has not even been opened.

  • Take away your own waste and recycling, thereby saving NSR costs with tonnes of your waste removal. 

​Support the NSR Waste Reduction and Recycling initiative #PushingforaCleanSweep

Please don't:

  • Bring single use bottles. 250kg is the amount of plastic that enters the world’s oceans every second. There will be plastic recycling bins on site for those unavoidable use of plastic.

  • Throw away unwanted food onsite. Please take it home with you.

  • Throw plastic bottles into the water. We find them every year.

Pushing For A Clean Sweep
43% less waste

Clean water for everyone

Of course, we are not alone in the rowing community concerned by the environmental impact of our sport.  There are scores of clubs and schools looking at ways to keep our water clean and free from rubbish. World Rowing are raising awareness about the stewardship of our waterways wherever we row. They have allied with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature to tackle this important issue. 

Please see the link below for further information: 

World Rowing's Clean Water initiative. 

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