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National Schools' Regatta - Race Format

We have listened to the requests from the majority of Schools and Clubs for us to run (some) Championship events with just side by side racing and over two days.

The Regatta has a large programme so we have been modelling how such a proposal could fit into this and, although we think this may be possible for some events, e.g, boys and girls 8+, 4x and 1x, to run in this format we are cautious of adopting this for the 2022 Regatta as it will have impacts on the timing of the other events which would continue to run over single days with Time trials and then side by side racing in A to F Finals.

We want to ensure the highest quality of racing and fair competition for all competitors at the Regatta so, although we do hear and fully understand the requests for a change in the format for certain Championship events, we do not propose to adopt this for the 2022 Regatta.

Also, whilst looking at Friday's timetable we think it very unlikely we will be able to try the new format even just for the two events, J14 quads, given the number of entries we usually receive, however that decision will be reviewed once entries are in.

However, we will carefully monitor the racing programme at the 2022 Regatta taking the results of this monitoring into account when modelling what the competition format might look like for the 2023 Regatta. We will announce the format for the 2023 Regatta early in January 2023.

George Hammond


National Schools' Regatta

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