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NSR Partners with the Sharks

National Schools’ Regatta swims with the Sharks again.

National Schools’ Regatta is delighted to announce the renewal of a Partnership with Hudson Boat Works. The relationship between NSR and Hudson is in its 8th year with support this year even more important than ever before.

Hudson Boat Works is boat building company which is ‘athlete focused and driven by technology’ taking inspiration from nature. In the wild, a SHARK is a marvel of evolution and one of nature's most successful, most enduring designs -- over thousands of years, it has evolved, refined, and adapted to its environment to become the world's most fearsome predator.

And it's from this magnificent creature that Hudson draw their inspiration. After all, when you're chasing your personal best or your competition, what better mindset to emulate than a SHARK?

Hudson Boat Work’s Partnership with the event will enable racing to be supported by the latest technology, which this year is vital to ensure that supporters are able to follow all the action from home.

Thanks to Ruud, Andy and Craig and everyone at Hudson Boat Works for their support!

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