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NSR T-Shirt & Merchandise: Pre-Order

2021 sees the exciting introduction of the NSR Shop Online Store bringing with it the opportunity to Pre-Order the famous NSR 'Names' T-Shirt - which will be invaluable with the May 'Behind Closed Doors' COVID arrangements.

2021 also sees a broadening of the range and some great new styles for leisure wear and training. We have three brand new Hoodies and Jackets, all with great NSR detail. There is a knee length Sports Parka, which is invaluable in terms of being 'training ready' for travel to and from training and also extremely warm. Three new pieces of detailed headwear - a low profile cap - ideal for rowing, as is the new elasticated visor with reflective detail around the peak and to the front of the visor. We have also introduced a pink cotton leisure cap.

In addition - a couple of great cotton T's, one in Black another in Pink. We also have a Hooped Rugby Jersey, a sublimated towel featuring Lake Dorney in the background and, inevitably, we also have an NSR Face Mask!

The shop will be open as normal at the May Regatta with the full range available, but we hope you will enjoy the opportunity to secure your purchases in advance (especially the 'Names' T) - happy shopping!

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