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How one parent changed the regatta for the benefit of the planet. And how you can help to ensure waste at NSR 2022 is reduced to lowest levels EVER!

An email from NSR parent set in motion an incredible initiative that has had a lasting impact on National Schools’ Regatta.

Debbie King pointed out the high volume of plastic bottle waste at the regatta, she was right, each year the regatta had to collect and dispose of thousands of bottes. At the 2017 NSR there was an estimated 20,000 single-use disposable plastic water bottles. This accumulates in weight up to 250kg, which is the same amount of plastic that enters the world’s oceans every second.


Together with Debbie we decided to reduce waste and aimed to turn our 2018 regatta (and future regattas) into the first British bottled-water-free sports’ event.

We focussed specifically on water and single use plastics. We provided fresh drinking water through 1200L tanks available to competitors and spectators up and down the regatta course.

We promoted the campaign on social media and newsletters through the hashtag #PushingForaCleanSweep.

Debbie brought along bins made out of plastic bottles to show how plastic water bottles can be re-used for other purposes!

From this we developed the initiative through #reduce #reuse #recyle

The regatta now offers specific bins asking everyone at the regatta to sort rubbish to reduce landfill waste.

Please continue to support this initiative by:

· Use only reusable water bottles and fill up on site.

· We encourage supporters and crews to embrace Tupperware and only bring what is needed for the day.

· Reduce the food waste from NSR by working with a local partner to donate unwanted food to a food share charity.

· Use the recycling bins provided with care – sort your waste correctly, it only takes a few moments and will help reduce the amount of landfill waste the regatta produces.

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