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The future of the NSR

The Regatta Committee have been considering how to take the Regatta forward with the aim of staging a Championship Regatta. The regatta would provide a full and fair race programme to showcase the potential and abilities of the best Junior crews in the country.

To achieve this, we wish to run a Regatta without Time Trials. This will mean entries will be restricted to athletes entering one event only throughout the Regatta.

With only two crews per club per event.

Benefits to competitors:

  1. Crews will have two races per day.

  2. Equal number of events for boys and girls.

With the number of potential races we have two options:

1. Restrict the number of events to be restricted

Or 2. Go to a fourth day.

IF we start racing on the Thursday

  1. Day 1 J14 crews,

  2. Day 2 J15 crews

  3. Day 3 & 4 J16 and above

As Coaches will appreciate there is a need for juniors to have meaningful racing at NSR. The Committee will welcome feedback on these options.

Please email Chairman George Hammond on

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