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The National Schools' Regatta

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The National Schools’ Committee met recently to consider the best way forward for the 2021 regatta. At this time, we are mindful and thankful for the collective efforts of so many, scientists, health care workers, teachers, sports coaches and parents to support our communities through this time.

The Committee is committed to staying true to our founder Desmond Hill OBE’s wishes to organise a regatta ‘to provide wider experience and competition for juniors in school’. It is with this principle in mind and after careful consideration and consultation we would like to share our proposal for TWO regattas in 2021. Both are subject to all the constraints of the pandemic, the regulations and guidance governing the country, and the appetite of the venues, our providers and our competitors, their coaches and parents.

Regatta 1 - National Schools’ Regatta May 29th to 30th 2021 – Dorney Lake – ‘Behind Closed Doors’

If pandemic conditions allow, the National Schools’ Regatta Committee hopes to organise a two-day regatta for Junior 16 to Junior 18 competitors ONLY. As you will understand, the safety of our competitors, their coaches and event organisers is very important to us, this is why we will be organising an event with LIMITED numbers of people on site, so that we are able to comply with any regulations that may be in place.

Whilst no decision has been taken yet on the exact events offered, it is expected we will offer Championship events ONLY. This two-day event will reflect the key strategic objectives of the regatta by ensuring:

• Gender parity of events.

• Alignment between the number of sculling and rowing events.

• No doubling up.

The NSR 21 at Dorney Lake ‘Behind Closed Doors’

To deliver the ‘Behind Closed Doors’ event will not be without challenges, but we look forward to the chance of offering a great event for our competitors and coaches. We ask everyone to work with us to support this as we see this as the only way to offer racing at all.

Club & School Marquee

We shall be contacting all clubs and schools who have reserved spaces with NSR in the hope that you will be willing to support the regatta logistics but donating your booking fee towards the increased sanitation facilities we will need for our competitors.

It seems improbable that conditions will have eased enough to allow for spectators at the Lake; there will be ONLY capacity for those competing, their coaches and other staff such as boatmen, and the volunteers we need to safely deliver the event.

TV/Live Stream Help Required

With the event running “Behind Closed Doors” we would like to ensure that everyone is still able to enjoy all the live competition action and follow the racing. We will be offering coverage of the event via a Live Stream. As a small charity, we are looking for support from individuals and companies who would be interested in becoming NSR Partners to enable Live Stream.

Contact HERE if you are interested in supporting the Live Stream

Regatta 2 – NSR Youth Festival September 25th 2021 – National Watersports Centre Nottingham

National Schools’ Regatta will organise a one-day regatta for Junior 14 to Junior 16 competitors ONLY. This event will be organised with our youngest competitors as the focus, we want to give Junior 14 to Junior 16 competitors the opportunity to experience the fun of competition at a first-class event.

Feedback from Coaches across the country has indicated a desire to give those who are new to our sport an incentive to keep active and engaged. NSR wants to support the incredible work so many Coaches and parents are undertaking to keep our junior rowers active and part of our wonderful community.

We do not have a competition format yet, however we propose a fun, multi-distance event with a difference! We would be delighted to hear from Coaches and Parents who may have ideas as to what they would like to see offered; we are open to something new and engaging.

We realise this two event format is not one that everyone would wish for but feel by announcing our intentions at this time it will give all involved the opportunity to plan accordingly. Clearly our event planning is now in the early stages and we will be keeping abreast of all the government guidelines. If you wish to be kept up to date on how things are developing please sign up to our NSR Newsletter.

We will also keep everyone posted with latest news and developments throughout the coming months via our website and our social media.

We hope to return to our usual format for the regatta in 2022.

With best wishes and thank you for your support,

George Hammond

Chairman National Schools’ Regatta Chairman

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