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Entries Open 12th April 2021

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Our priority this year is to organise a Covid secure event, safe for our competitors, their coaches and the event organisers and volunteers, whilst at the same time, giving every competitor a memorable racing experience.

In order to organise NSR safely there will be an impact on the number of events and races we are able to offer at the regatta. Normally we schedule approximately 330 crews per day. For 2021, we will have no more than 270 crews per day.

With this in mind we now have an altered Regatta Entry process:

2021 Two-Step Entry Process

  1. Entries open 12th April – Enter all your crews

  2. Pre-entry close 1st May – NSR will assess the entry lists and review options

  3. Entries re-open 3rd May

  4. At this point, after entry review, race options may change

  5. Final entries will close at 6pm on 12th May

Entries Open 12th April

We ask all coaches to please enter all the crews you wish to race at NSR 2021.

Pre-entry 1st May - entries will close on this day

At that point we will assess the entry lists for each event. At this point, depending on the numbers in each event we may decide to alter or drop some events. If we make changes to the race programme we will contact the coaches and clubs directly affected – please ensure up to date contact details are with your entries. We will also make a full announcement of the changes to the race programme.

On 3rd of May we will re-open entries.

From this point coaches may update or alter their entries.

The Draw will be released on 20th May

The full racing schedule and programme will be announced on 20th May. This timetable will detail the progression system we will run to keep everyone safe.

Key dates:

Entries will open - 12th April

Pre-entry will close - 1st May

Entries will re-open - 3rd May

Final entries will close - 12th May

The Draw will be announced – 20th May

Whilst we know this is not a usual process, we hope you will work with us as we really want to run a regatta for as many juniors as possible. We understand that the levels of preparation for crews will not be as uniform as normal, but we know how important it is for juniors to race.

Due to COVID-19 and limited race time availability, the pre-entry information will be used by the organising committee to allocate events to allow the maximum number of competitors to compete.


EVENTS (Pre-Entry)

We will aim to offer a regatta with an equal balance of events for girls & boys and sculling & rowing.


Saturday will be for Championship Events and 2nd crews. Same events for boys and girls.


Sunday will be for Championship small boats and J16’s. Same events for boys and girls.


  • NO DOUBLING UP - each athlete can only race in one event over the weekend.

  • J16 will be allowed to row in Championship events, but then cannot row in J16 events (maximum of two J16s in an 8+, 1 in a 4+/4-/4x, 1 in a 2-/2x, none in Ch1x).

  • Only one crew per event, except Ch1x when 2 entries allowed.

Club & School Marquee

At this stage we will not be accommodating club and school marquees.


Give the Gift of First Class Competition this summer

With the event running “Behind Closed Doors” we would like to ensure everyone is still able to enjoy the live competition action and follow the racing and we will be offering coverage of the event via a Live Stream.

We want you to see the first race, to follow the performances of every competitor, as they sit on the start line, as they push through the 500m mark and as they cross the line, exhausted and elated. We want you to celebrate their personal achievements, as you roar at your tv or computer screen. Because by watching the racing at home, with your family, supporting your junior rower, you will be keeping them and yourself safe.

We want to thank, most sincerely, the families who have already made a gift and we ask other families to join them, as together we showcase the performances of every junior taking part, as we make their return to competition, safe, fun and first class.


National Schools’ Regatta Partners

The National Schools' Regatta is the leading junior rowing event in the UK because of the incredible support of volunteers, coaches, parents and benefactors who have collectively enabled the event to thrive for the last 74 years.

If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a partner to NSR then please do get in touch!

Row Show

The important area dedicated to coaches and athletes. At this time there will be no row show at NSR 2021.

University Zone

At this time there will not be able to offer the University Zone. This is disappointing as we are committed to encouraging young people to enjoy sport and physical activity beyond school. However watch this space for another virtual opportunity to learn more about rowing at university!

Regatta Village

At this time there will not be the opportunity to bring the best regatta shopping experience to the regatta. Do support the long standing independent retailers by making your rowing purchases on line this year!


National Schools’ Regatta Shop

Named T-Shirt

We are delighted to announce that the Named Tee Shirt will be available to order in advance of the regatta.

Please encourage your junior rower to pre-order the T-Shirt and collect on race day. Please share this link with your club members.


With best wishes and thank you for your support,

George Hammond

National Schools’ Regatta Committee Chairman

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